Why I needed a vacation... and you do too

Re·fresh - give new strength or energy to; reinvigorate.

Refreshed is exactly how I feel! I took some time off of blogging to focus on Facebook Lives, then I took some time off from Lives to work on projects and now I’m back. Back like I never left… maybe… Ha! Here are 7 things that I discovered in my time away…  

  1. You’re the secret sauce - The sass, the brains, the humor, the style, the intellect - the things that make you-you are magical. So magical that if you package it right, people will pay you for you.

  2. The world will still go on - Sometimes we get so consumed that we think the world ends if we’re called to shift. Nahh homie. It’ll be fine.

  3. Action provides clarity - Seems counterintuitive but in my break from blogging, I was able to interact with friends in a new way. I was able to hear real-time what they wanted to see, hear, and read from me.

  4. Consistency in the wrong item isn’t profitable - It doesn’t help to keep doing something just to check a box. Consistency in the thing you should be doing is where the power is!

  5. Enjoy the moment - Being able to enjoy the now instead of focusing on what’s next is key. Otherwise, you’ll spend your whole life living for tomorrow that you don’t actually LIVE.

  6. Be open - Saying yes to things that are scary or uncomfortable accelerate your growth. Bottom line.

  7. Focus is imperative - Can’t be all things to all people. Say “yes” to things that you can put your all into. Halfway doing projects will product halfway results which produce struggle in your bank account.

With that, I’m back. Focused on working with young (at heart) professionals who are looking to take their dream to execution through creative strategies and accountability. I’m still inspiring but I can no longer inspire people to say “amen” with no action. It actually makes me itch. Ha!

It's time for your vision and idea to become an actual business. Email me if you need accountability or strategy in this area.

*Speaking of vacation - I just got back from Dubai! Catch me on social Instagram @CaseyCarea for photos!

Chat soon!