Is That Really God's Will?

Happy Sunday!

I decided to change things up a bit this week and share a video, instead of my traditional written blog. In fact, it was special request from one of my readers to do more videos. You know, I'm a woman of the people! :) So if you have any topics you'd like to read or watch, let me know!

However , this topic was heavy on my heart this week. I had a few calls with people who were really struggling. Being attacked on all sides in places where they believed God placed them. Seeing that I'm coming through that season now, I wanted to share a bit of perspective. In the video, I discuss how our trials mold and shape us to be more Christlike and better versions of ourselves.

If you're conflicted about whether or not what you're facing is really God's will, watch and share the video.

I pray it blesses you! 

Casey Sharperson
Speaker| Confidence Cultivator| Blogger