Why I needed a vacation... and you do too

Re·fresh - give new strength or energy to; reinvigorate.

Refreshed is exactly how I feel! I took some time off of blogging to focus on Facebook Lives, then I took some time off from Lives to work on projects and now I’m back. Back like I never left… maybe… Ha! Here are 7 things that I discovered in my time away…  

  1. The world will still go on - Sometimes we get so consumed that we think the world ends if we’re called to shift. Nahh homie. It’ll be fine.

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Alone. [+ audio inside]

Suffering in silence is not the move. Here's the truth:

  • Yes, you’ll experience trials. No, they’re not all your fault.

  • Yes, you’ll feel isolated and alone. No, that’s not God’s will for your life.

  • Yes, the enemy is real and after your life. No, you don’t have to succumb to his weak and outdated tactics.

  • Yes, you’ll want to binge on food, people, television, and other distractions. But the truth is, you should focus on filling yourself up with truth to combat the lies.

  • Yes, you may be suffering now. BUT GOD wants you to know that he is a God of restoration.

Listen to the audio teaching inside!

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Hopeless [Audio included!]

...the feeling of being overwhelmed. 
...the feeling of being completely exhausted. 
...the feeling of being utterly confused about how you got here.


Man, that word word was heavy on my heart today. Is that you? Are you fed up with that one situation that you've been praying to change, but it hasn't yet? Are you trying to figure out why you're on the struggle bus and others seem all joyous and fulfilled? 


Here's a WORD --> "Not every assignment is your assignment." Lysa Terkeurst. 

Let that marinate. 

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Don't Miss IT!

Paralyzed by fear and indecision.

What if you make the wrong choice?

What if you don't take the opportunity?

What if you make the move, but miss what's right in front of you? So many questions.

How can you avoid making the biggest mistake of your life?

How do you decide if what's in front of you is worth it?

[Video inside]


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When you hate Mondays

Dreading Monday, counting down to Friday, living for Saturday, chilling through Sunday only to start back dreading Monday. There goes the cycle of a typical week in a typical life of typical things. There should be more to life than count ups and countdowns to something more enjoyable than a regular day at work or school. 


[Video inside]


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When life doesn't go as planned...

I liiiiiiiive for goals. I talk about goal setting all the time. You’ll see that it’s a consistent theme in my videos, blog posts, and conversations in real life. But what happens when you’ve set goals and expectations, only to be body slammed by reality. You look around and realize, this is NOT the life I planned. This is NOT the job I thought. This is NOT the relationship that I portray on social media.

This. Is. Awful...

Watch the video inside to hear about how my MRS. degree somehow missed me in college ;)


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Be Fearless

How to Be Fearless

In this video I share three steps to becoming fearless and take a few tips from our good friend Peter, who walks on water in his free time. 

  1. Admit the fear - It's totally okay!
  2. Assess the situation and address the root!
  3. Act on your newfound confidence in Christ - you'll be glad you did!

Text: 2 Timothy 1:7

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Awaken Dormant Dreams [+Audio Download]

What do you do when you feel totally and utterly hopeless? The exploration of faith continues!

Honestly, I had a few notes, but as I was talking, more and more revelation was coming. I lowkey, feel like it need a part two. This is definitely one of the most powerful teachings that I’ve done. I strongly encourage you to take a listen. But because I love you my readers, I’ve included a few notes to study with below! :)

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